Hope, Purpose & Courage

Ad Altiora Ship :: 鶹ý, Sydney

鶹ý is a co-educational day school in the Anglican tradition for students from Pre-Kindergarten to Year 12. Providing an education for life, 鶹ý students are equipped with hope in their hearts, purpose in their minds, courage in their lives and the capability to succeed.

Students at 鶹ý receive opportunities found nowhere else in the Blue Mountains. Their aspirations are encouraged, their wellbeing supported and their character nurtured so that they become well-rounded and confident young adults. Throughout their time they come to understand the truth of the School’s motto – Per Ardua Ad Altiora – through effort to higher achievement.

Established in 1918 | 鶹ý, Sydney

History of Excellence

Ad Altiora Ship :: 鶹ý, Sydney

Established in 1918, the School maintains a proud tradition of high quality teaching and learning, an open and inclusive community and strong interpersonal relationships. It is committed to continuing its forward thinking approach to learning that intentionally uses every aspect of school life to grow the type of character and capability that will make every 鶹ý graduate both work ready and life ready.

Two Campuses. One School.

Ad Altiora Ship :: 鶹ý, Sydney

Situated in the picturesque Blue Mountains, the school operates over two campuses, the 鶹ý Springwood School and our on a heritage listed site at Wentworth Falls. The two campuses have a consistent culture, collaborate and share expertise, strive for consistency of experience and gather together for many whole-school events.

Junior School (Pre-K to Year 4) at Springwood.
Junior School (Pre-K to Year 6) and Senior School (Years 7 to 12) at Wentworth Falls.
Wentworth Falls Senior College Campus | 鶹ý, Sydney
Springwood Campus #1 | 鶹ý, Sydney
Wentworth Falls Junior School | 鶹ý, Sydney
Springwood Junior College Campus | 鶹ý, Sydney

Passionate & Experienced Team

Ad Altiora Ship :: 鶹ý, Sydney

鶹ý is led by a passionate, highly skilled and experienced team from a variety of educational backgrounds. The teachers are why 鶹ý is trusted as the premiere private school in the region. This team of highly qualified, talented and dedicated teachers work in a professional partnership with each child and parent. Together, they ensure the wellbeing of each student and their education for life.

We Want to Meet You!

Ad Altiora Ship :: 鶹ý, Sydney

Offering personal tours on each of our campuses, we can organise a time that suits your family. Enquire today!