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Don’t miss out – for a casual evening at Springwood Sports Club. Refreshments provided.

Speakers and Attendees include:

  • Paediatrician Arman Babajanyan from Kids Med
  • Occupational Therapist Sharon Pierce from OT For Kids
  • Speech Pathologist Meg Savage from Savage Speech Pathology
  • Clinical Psychologist Kat Cox from Kids & Co
  • Principal, Deputy Principal and Head of Junior School from 鶹ý
  • Early Childhood Educators

Laying Strong Foundations

Ad Altiora Ship :: 鶹ý, Sydney

The Blue Mountains Grammar Junior School is an environment that nurtures intellectually curious children in their journey from the Early Learning years of Pre-Kindergarten to Year 2 into the Primary Years of Year 3 to Year 6. Children are enabled to flourish in a nurturing, intellectually rigorous and mutually respectful environment as we lay the foundations of character and capability so necessary in later life. With two campuses and a private bus service covering the length of the Blue Mountains, our care extends from the classroom to the streets of your village.

Our Campuses

Ad Altiora Ship :: 鶹ý, Sydney

With two Junior campuses, 鶹ý offers every family in the Blue Mountains continuity and consistency in their education experience. The 鶹ý Springwood School Campus for Junior Students is located on Tusculum Road away from the busyness and noise of the Great Western Highway. Offering three hectares of beautifully landscaped grounds that are surrounded by natural bushland, the Springwood School campus offers an adventure playground, a games court and climbing equipment designed to encourage interaction, play and physical activity.

The 鶹ý Wentworth Falls School Campus for Junior School students is located on Matcham Road, just 10 minutes from Wentworth Falls village. The campus is adjacent to the Senior School and is surrounded by sporting fields and extensive grounds.

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Wentworth Falls Senior College Campus | 鶹ý, Sydney
Academic Excellence | 鶹ý, Sydney
Academics - Junior School | 鶹ý, Sydney


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At Blue Mountains Grammar Junior School, we focus on the foundations of character, capability and the essentials of literacy and numeracy and add to this a breadth and richness of experience that stimulates and motivates learners. We are growing great learners by intentionally nurturing courage, perseverance and the habit of reflection. We equip all students with the capabilities necessary to engage with their learning, to think powerfully, to apply their creativity and to relate to others. Finally, we equip our students with strong literacy and numeracy skills through best-practice programs that boost their academic progress.


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At Blue Mountains Grammar Junior School, we pride ourselves on the positive, nurturing relationships established between our teachers and their students. Such an environment ensures the flourishing of all children and the development of individual strengths and warm, connected relationships.

With an environment characterised by warm, connected relationships our students flourish and are emboldened to take the kind of risks so crucial to the development of strengths.

Wellbeing - Junior School | 鶹ý, Sydney
Co-curricular Activities - Junior School | 鶹ý, Sydney

Co-curricular Activities

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Outside of the classroom there is much more to learn and do. Blue Mountains Grammar Junior School offers an extensive list of opportunities for students unparalleled by any other primary school in the Blue Mountains. These opportunities enable our students to pursue an area of interest and passion that grows their character, adds to their overall school experience and develops them as well-rounded people.

Ready to Enrol?

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