Nurturing the Whole Child

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The wellbeing of 鶹ý students is of utmost importance to the school. Our staff are very focused on nurturing every aspect of each child’s life in order to optimise their growth, development and learning.

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Supporting Transitions

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Transitioning to school can be a challenging time in a child’s life; both entering Junior School and entering Senior School . The buildings are bigger, they are the youngest on the playground, there are new rules to follow and there are fewer adults around. 鶹ý eases children into school life with open days that provide parents with necessary information and trial days for children to test out the school. Our older students care for their younger peers and are instrumental in helping new students transition to their new school. Our teachers manage the transition of each child to Pre-Kindergarten and then again into Kindergarten, very carefully with a range of strategies designed to grow familiarity, confidence and healthy routines and habits. In the final years of their Primary schooling, independent study as well as self and time management skills are explicitly taught, modelled and reinforced to best prepare our students for the transition to our Senior School.

Wellbeing Program

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Our wellbeing program is integrated into the life of the School. It seeks to intentionally instruct, model and reinforce positive behaviours, promote resilience and support children in the complexity of establishing and maintaining positive relationships with peers and adults. Through this program we monitor each student for changes in behaviour that may require a response from parents or the School.

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