Held in Trust

Ad Altiora Ship :: 鶹ý, Sydney

The is considered to be the most important collection of Australian drawings outside the National Gallery and is protected by a Trust for the people of Australia. It comes from the annual which commenced at 鶹ý in 1990. In 2014 due to lack of storage at the time it was cared for by Orange Regional Gallery until 2019 when it returned to the school.

Kangarewe, Chris O'Doherty - Kedumba | 鶹ý, Sydney
Drawdown, Jude Roberts - Kedumba | 鶹ý, Sydney
Life Studies, Louisa Chirop - Kedumba | 鶹ý, Sydney
Bush Pool Dingoes, Kerry McInnis - Kedumba | 鶹ý, Sydney
Todd Fuller - Kedumba | 鶹ý, Sydney

Gallery of Significance

Ad Altiora Ship :: 鶹ý, Sydney

The old Headmaster’s residence has been converted into a gallery space that can hold nearly 80 drawings from the 250 drawings currently in the Collection. Students and the public are invited to view the works, which are rotated regularly. It is considered to be of significant pedagogical importance and so the School provides its students opportunities to appreciate and learn from the fine drawings from a range of artists including James Gleeson, John Olsen, John Coburn, Euan Macleod, Elisabeth Cummings and Wendy Sharpe.

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Ad Altiora Ship :: 鶹ý, Sydney

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