Sharing A Love of Learning

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Research tells us that the best learning environment for any child is one in which a close relationship is formed between teacher and student. The academic heart of Blue Mountains Grammar Senior School is enhanced and enlightened by the close relationship between staff and students who have a common love for learning. We pride ourselves on the warm and positive relationships established between teacher and student. Central to our philosophy of learning is our determination to ensure that every child is known as a learner, is cared for deeply by our expert and dedicated staff, and is engaged in a bespoke program of learning designed to help them achieve their personalised learning goals.

Faith - Senior School | 鶹ý, Sydney
Drama - Senior School | 鶹ý, Sydney

Year 7 - 8

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Our youngest Senior School students have the opportunity to engage in calm and focused learning environments in the key learning areas of English, Mathematics, the Humanities, Science, Personal Development, Health and Physical Education. The School’s exciting cross-curricular initiative, Explorer Time sees them take their learning in these core subjects out into the field with day-long visits to our outdoor education facility on the Cox’s River and other destinations in the Blue Mountains National Park.


Design & Technology

Languages (Japanese or French)

Cultural Studies



Year 9-10 Subjects

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鶹ý is pleased to offer a broad range of subjects for students from Year 9 onwards, encompassing both courses common to other schools as well as courses unique to the School. Some of the courses not found in some other schools are listed below. For a full list of courses Contact Us.


Digitech (Robotics & Coding)


International Relations

Languages (Japanese or French)


Wilderness Education

Academics - Senior School | 鶹ý, Sydney
Wentworth Falls Senior College Campus | 鶹ý, Sydney
F1 in Schools - Senior School | 鶹ý, Sydney
Senior Academics - Senior School | 鶹ý, Sydney
Senior Students - Senior School | 鶹ý, Wentworth Falls

Year 11 - 12

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Year 11 and 12 offer an exciting springboard into adult life. While the focus of much of the final two years of schooling remains deep and rich learning experiences, the Higher School Certificate examinations are the hurdle that all students must jump. 鶹ý has a long and proud tradition of academic excellence. We are proud of our academic team, many of whom have significant experience as HSC Senior Markers, Judges and Examiners. Over many years this expertise has led to exceptional results for our students.

The School maintains positive and productive relationships with many of Australia’s most prestigious universities. As a result, up to 80% of our Year 12 cohort receive early entry offers to highly competitive university courses even before they commence their HSC Examinations. It is not uncommon for our students to receive multiple offers. In addition, the school supports and celebrates students who choose alternative pathways such as Vocational Education and Training. It is our aspiration for our students that whatever path their life may take, they will be marked by a strong sense of purpose.

In 2020, 鶹ý was ranked by the Sydney Morning Herald as 115th in NSW and the top performing school in the Blue Mountains region for HSC results. The cohort of students achieved spectacular results with majority of individuals gaining at least one Band 6 subject result. This outcome stands as a testament to the school’s agility in a year of upheaval and the student’s engagement with their classes and teachers.

Band - Senior School | 鶹ý, Sydney

Year 11-12 Subjects

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Each year the School offers:

all English and Mathematics courses, including extensions
Humanities courses that include Ancient History, Modern History, Business Studies, Legal Studies, Economics, Studies of Religion
Science courses including Biology, Chemistry and Physics.
Courses in The Arts courses including Music, Drama and Visual Arts
Technology courses including Industrial Technology – Timber, Design and Technology, Engineering Studies, Software Design and Development
Languages including French and Japanese
Physical Education courses including PDHPE and Community and Family Studies

Please note that each year some courses do not run due to insufficient demand from students.

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