Growing Courage and Resilience

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At 鶹ý, we know how important it is that every young person is known both as a learner and as an individual, is cared for, and has a plan to reach their highest aspirations. Our approach to wellbeing and pastoral care ensures that our students can navigate the notoriously turbulent teenage years successfully. Each student has a dedicated Tutor who meets with them daily to monitor their progress and support them throughout their entire journey at 鶹ý. The tutor’s focus is to nurture in each student courage, resilience as well as a suite of other essential character traits that will equip them to meet the challenges of life.

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Managing the Transitions

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For many children the step from primary school to high school can feel like a leap into the unknown. At 鶹ý, however, we make every effort to ensure that our students can take this step with confidence. Whether your child is already a part of the 鶹ý family in our Junior School or is joining us from one of our many primary schools in the Blue Mountains, our extensive and well-designed Year 7 Orientation program will soon help them to feel at home.

Even once established in the high school setting, many students in Years 8-10 experience emotional and social turbulence, and as a result miss out on opportunities for learning and growth. At 鶹ý, however, our commitment to our students’ character growth and our well-designed pastoral care program means our students are able to focus on their learning and achieve extraordinary academic outcomes.

Many parents would remember their own Year 11 and 12 experience as far more challenging than the preceding years. For this reason, at 鶹ý we are intentional in our planning for the training and support of our students throughout Year 10 and into Year 11. Year 10 students meet individually with the school’s Director of Wellbeing and Careers Advisor to ensure that they choose a path that will both fill their lives with purpose and enable them to be successful. Our extensive transition program throughout Term 4 of Year 10 then caps off their preparation, refining the many skills they will need in the coming years.

Supporting each Student

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The warm relationships fostered between staff and students is centred upon both a common love for learning and mutual respect. Our care begins from the moment families join our community and extends far beyond their formal school years, many staff remaining in contact with students throughout their adult lives. The key relationship for a Senior School student is with their Tutor; the person who implements for them our well-designed Pastoral Care program. This program focuses students on considering positive habits and skills in the areas of physical fitness, mental health, academic study and interpersonal relationships, It also encourages students to consider the benefits of a personal faith.

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Our Programs

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The student wellbeing programme carried out by Heads of Houses and Tutors aims to:

Develop the core values of responsibility, integrity, respect, care and consideration of others;
Foster School and House spirit;
Provide the administrative framework for supervision of students and the promotion of their wellbeing;
Search out and develop talents, to help individual students with their problems, to assist staff by ensuring greater cooperation;
Maintain strong lines of communication with parents and staff regarding the wellbeing of students;
Assist House Tutors and provide a genuine interest in their wellbeing, particularly with new staff;
Actively promote the school aims within the house group;
Consider the benefits of a personal faith.

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